best breakfast ever… the secret breakfast.  what is this secret breakfast, you ask?

i can’t tell you. duh. it’s a SECRET.

just kidding. i want to share this amazing concoction with the world. the secret breakfast is in fact an ice cream from the brilliant flavor geniuses over at humphrey slocombe, the new ice cream shop located a dangerous three blocks from my office in the san francisco mission district. the secret breakfast is icecream… with bourbon… and cornflakes.  ridiculous. sweet caramelized-y crunchy cornflake clusters in super creamy vanilla icecream swirled with bourbon. it’s just intense enough bourbon flavor to tantalize, but not so much that it leaves you gagging and shuddering like you just took a shot of drano. tastes like new orleans, according to chris ‘mr. mardi gras’ olson.

in addition to the secret breakfast, we had mcevoy olive oil ice cream (tastes like fruity pebbles!), vietnamese blue bottle coffee (possibly the best, creamiest, coffee ice cream i’ve ever had), and tried the cream cheese chocolate chip and the salt and pepper.  hell yeah. and not only is the ice cream kickass, but the people who work there are amazingly friendly and let you try tons of flavors. best of all, the place is named after mr. humphrey and mrs. slocombe from the british sitcom ‘are you being served’, which i used to watch in the middle of the night when there was nothing else on television. hey, at least i’m not a trekkie.

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