family style!

family style (adj, adv, n, all of the above):

a) a method of serving a meal, often in chinese food, where all dishes are placed on a table and shared by all eaters.  generally includes reaching across the table, self-serving, thievery with chopsticks, and the always-adventurous rotating lazy susan.

b) the only way to eat.  the best way to try all dishes, no matter where or when or what kind of food. if you’re not okay with me spearing food off your plate and putting it in my mouth, we shouldn’t be eating together.

c) a blog about food, family, and anything else we want to write about, including insane-faced ballet/karate performing, bruce lee swivel-painting pageant talent performers. (see below). we being two sisters, mei and irene. another reason for the family title. we like to slow roast pork butt shoulder (yes, that’s what it says on the package from the chinese grocery), experiment with butter distribution in pie crusts, and bake prodigious numbers of sweet corn maple bacon cupcakes and bacon fat ginger snap cookies.  this blog is a wayfor us  to keep in touch across three thousand miles, share recipes and amazing food discoveries, and generally be a lazy susan passing around tasty tidbits of interesting things.  mmmmmmm.


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