visuals are here!

i have totally failed to carry a camera with me recently (most notably moronic on my TRIP TO ITALY), which leads to a boring lack of visuals to accompany these posts.

idiocy noted. hopefully will be remedied.

since i don’t have any good photos i’ve taken recently, i’ll include one i was in recently. in a very random sequence of events, i got an email from my cousin caroline titled something like, ‘great press! loved the boots!’. i had no idea what she was talking about. the email said, ‘We loved opening up page 72 of San Francisco magazine!’

huh? coincidently, we happened to have a copy of san francisco magazine sitting in the living room/kitchen/ikea-couch-workspace of my office and i opened it up to find this photo staring back at me. 

me and gustavo calling colorado for obama

it’s of me and my friend gustavo behind four barrel coffee on valencia, making volunteer phone calls to colorado for obama a few days before the election. i didn’t even know the photo was being taken, which made it all the more randomly awesome for it to show up in the magazine. so now the magazine is sitting in front of me on my living room table and i’ve got unexpected photo documentation of an amazingly exciting, uplifting, and inspiring grassroots effort that i’m proud to have been a part of.  you can read the whole article on the bay area’s role in obama’s election here.


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