homemade split pea soup with sundried tomatoes

i made a super easy split pea soup, which looks gorgeous with the bright red tomatoes and the creamy sauce. the cream sauce is difficult to describe in a sexy way, being a mix of whole milk, cream cheese, and cottage cheese that i found in the fridge. but i wanted some cheesy taste and something white for color, so there you go. peasoupthe soup is just garlic, onions, and celery sauteed in olive oil, then a pound of dried split peas and chicken stock. boil till tender, then break out the immersion blender, which is my favorite kitchen tool of all time (thanks jess!). that is, until someone gifts me a personalized ramen shrink wrapping machine. super easy and you can add anything you’ve got in the cupboards or fridge for color and flavor. last week i made a tomato-based soup and then threw in eggplant, artichoke hearts, and slivers of truffle cheese to make it sort of a chunky but very flavorful stew.  if you happen to have leftover savory cupcakes for dipping, you won’t be sorry…

p.s. food photography is hard. i admire all of you who do it so well. sorry for the crap photos, i’m learning…

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