sweet dreams – a cupcake’s story

irene, you’re going to love this. the following video by kristen lepore via serious eats is an absolutely incredible stop-motion movie about a lonely cupcake who leaves behind his frosted sugar world for a paradise of leafy vegetables and falls in love with a butternut squash.  i’m impressed by stop-motion animation no matter what (it’s one of those phenomena that i will always appreciate but never really understand how it works, sort of like airplanes), but i love her creations of icecream cone trees and kale and bok choy forests and sugar cube buildings. it’s also an allegory for returning to the natural world and the fallibility of artificially man-made (or cupcake-made) creations, but most importantly, it features (gasp!) inter-food group sex. i never thought it would make me feel awkward to see a cupcake get naked, but the emotion expressed by her food creatures will just slay you, for reals.

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2 thoughts on “sweet dreams – a cupcake’s story

  1. […] stop-motion and fresh pasta! i’ve mentioned my awe of stop-motion videos before in reference to a beautiful cupcake video by kirsten lepore. […]

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