rubbernecking cakewrecks and the poo souffle

jen over at cakewrecks is so fucking funny that it makes my stomach hurt. i just started reading her blog last summer while sitting around in ojai, ca waiting for people to arrive for an epic party weekend. instead of spending the day working, i read through every single post on the site, tears streaming down my face and rolling around on the floor like an epileptic monkey.  this is one of my first favorite posts and gives you an idea of her amazing writing.

then, as the serendipity fairy of coincidence would have it, the next day my friends leticia, brianna and claire brought a cake to ojai to celebrate! and, as the cakewrecks god would have it, it was the fucking ugliest mass of inedibility i’ve ever seen. see for yourself below if you don’t believe me…


in case you’re so horrified you can’t take a close look, it’s a cupcake cake that says ‘ojai! it’s worth the drive!’. in awe of its true wrecktasticity,  i snapped a photo, sent it off to cakewrecks, and then forgot about it.  and then, jen came through. i can’t even do justice to the hilarity of her post, so read it for yourself here.

to top of the awesomeness of it all, word on the street is that jen is making a cakewrecks book, and the cupcake cake of poop just may make a cameo appearance…


One thought on “rubbernecking cakewrecks and the poo souffle

  1. Laura says:

    I took a look cakewrecks and its hilarious! Jen’s great.

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