duc loi: a mexicasian wonderland

i’ve been waiting for duc loi market on the corner of 18th and mission to open for a long time now. for so long it was just construction, then the hint of a supermarket came with the installation of electronic sliding doors. then the sign for duc loi arrived and i knew i was in luck. the mission has some of the best grocery shopping options out there – bi-rite and rainbow for pricey, artisan, and organic and mi ranchito, evergreen and all the other numerous mission markets for super cheap produce, fresh made tortillas, chipotles in adobo, every kind of chile you can imagine, and vaguely terrifying meat products. the only thing i really felt was missing was an asian grocery store to score bulk soy sauce, wonton wrappers, and even more terrifying animal parts.  now my grocery life is complete thanks to the arrival of duc loi.

i noticed that moka from missionmission did a similar recon mission (ha) recently, but just glanced at the photos. reading her (his?) post upon my return from duc loi, it looks like we noticed a lot of the same things. quail eggs and frozen dumplings and bags of peeled garlic for $1 are also my idea of excellent.

one of the things i appreciate about duc loi is how it reflects the diversity of the neighborhood. so freaking mexicasian. they sell tortillas and wonton wrappers! jarritos and green tea! even the signs are multilingual:


i love that they even sell lotus root, although i question the spanish translation as BEANS:


speaking of diversity, here’s some grocery store globalization for you. red bull next to basil seed drink. worlds will really collide when they combine the two for a grass jelly red bull. although that’s probably for sale in asia right now, let’s be honest.


i love the mishmash of foods and cultures, frozen and fresh, hella processed shit and…well, i did see one organic frozen pizza. but i love the wealth of options in this neighborhood so i can make multiple stops for whatever kind of groceries i choose. today i made my stop at duc loi for mexican and asian productos, then hit up rainbow for organic bulk oatmeal and mixed greens.  speaking of options, this is true freedom to choose:


skin or no skin? can’t decide? enjoy both! you may be facing a similarly difficult conundrum when confronting seafood choices for your next meal. shrimp or fish? can’t decide? enjoy both!


and last, a photo present for my friend kwame…since i learned this wonderful fact about your love for animal parts, i’ll buy some and figure how to cook this for you soon. while it may not be so attractive, can’t beat that price…



2 thoughts on “duc loi: a mexicasian wonderland

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