we like him…I LOVE HIM.

i’ve just seen something that makes me so happy i can’t even stand it. watch this video, and allow your jaw to drop in awe and appreciation.  i can’t get the embedded vimeo to work, so you’ll have to trust me and just click the link below for now.

BOOMBOX by ely kim.

i was entranced within the first second when the dude does this sexy hip swivel and then all ridiculousness busts loose. all my favorite songs, all my favorite moves, all kinds of amazing outfits, all kinds of TRIPLE AWESOME. special shoutouts to the bootyliciousness of song 21 and the so-awesome-it-slays-me t-shirt of song 15 and the where-in-the-fucking-world-is-he? of song 80.

inspired to track down this fabulous dance genius named ely kim, i found his website, we like him. get it? it is so rainbow- and kitten-tastic that it makes we want to cry fat sparkly diamond and spaceship tears. the front page is like: BLAOW!!! Welcome To My Awesome.


i’m going to visit my lovely friend olivia at yale in a few weeks who just recently saw this bootymaster at a party! i am hoping to do some ass shaking with the real live ely in a kitten shirt. then my life will be complete.


One thought on “we like him…I LOVE HIM.

  1. otown brown says:

    um, so, this crazy thing happened. mei sent me this video, and she was like, dude! this guy is AWESOME! and i was like, yeah, i fucking know because i was at a party with him last week! what? mei, in san francisco. me, in new haven. and yet! both of us manage to fall totally and completely in love with the very same man in the span of one week. real life + interwebs = too much crazy.

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