in your best WWF -style you’re-about-to-watch-bleached-blond-mulleted-dudes-on-steroids-pretend-to-beat-the-shit- out-of-each-other-but-first-a-word-from-our-monster truck-sponsor voice….the first annual ultimate top iron chef celebrity invitational competition smackdown BACON-OFF.

this email went out to a few friends/bacon tasters/dinner guests/judging panel members last week:

the competitors: iron chef kwame ‘i love chicken feet’ harris vs. iron chef mei ‘i like bourbon in my icecream’ li
their quest: four or five dishes. all must include bacon. one must be dessert.
their budget: in the spirit of compromise, $112.50.
date and time: tuesday, february 24th at 7pm
the prize: winner receives an all-expenses paid visit to chez panisse. fuuuuuck yeah.

our evening’s mission, should you choose to accept it:
show up with alcohol. drink. eat and enjoy multiple bacon-y items. eat more bacon-y items. be blown away by the creative bacon genius of kwame and mei. deliberate and decide that mei has won (kidding). deliberate and determine a winner in the spirit of friendly and loving competition. swallow heartburn medication. drink some more.


i’m glad that irene and i did a multi-course bacon dinner a few years ago, so i’ve got some practice under my belt.  i’d discuss my dishes, but i can’t let the competition find out any of my secrets. in other words, i could tell you but then you would have to be destroyed by me (see awesome exhibit at the MOMA by trevor paglen).  thus,  i’m keeping it under wraps. full overview of all dishes, photos, and the verdict to come next week…

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