food politics and science, culinary movements in brooklyn, and hot men in beards.

i am seriously excited to be going to a discussion on food writing tonight at everyone’s favorite writing workshop/pirate store, 826 valencia. i consider myself lucky to live around the block from this truly unique nonprofit that organizes tutoring, publishing, field trips, and other writing-related educational activities for kids,  and also raises money and tickles your imagination by selling eye patches, lard, swabbing mops, and all sorts of pirate’s bootyliciousness.  tonight’s talk focuses on food politics and science, and features a heavyweight panel of speakers including food world superstar michael pollan. i’m a huge fan of  the omnivore’s dilemma and the botany of desire and find that my values of food and eating are pretty closely aligned with his eater’s manifesto, so i’m super excited to see him in person. the evening will explore these food themes but also cover topics on writing, publishing, and running a successful blog. i actually bought tickets to the event before starting this blog, just because i love the topic, but after tonight prepare for familystyles to be EVEN MORE AWESOME. ha.

speaking of michael pollan references, if you’re looking for some interesting food reading, there’s an awesome article in today’s nytimes on brooklyn’s new culinary movement. it talks about our  ‘culinarily minded generation’ and how all these young people are making thoughtful, honest, straightforward, traditional, anticorporate foods like handmade pickles, cheeses, chocolate, ales, coffees, and knives (okay, that’s not a food, but they are also thoughtfully handmade in brooklyn). in the words of one attractive bearded chocolate making man (what is up with the hot guys and chocolate connection?), it’s “Slow growth, slow design, slow food. Slow, but without being flaky.” yeah, i read pollan and make my own ricotta, but these guys are seriously dedicated. can’t wait to see for myself as i eat my way through brooklyn in a few weeks…

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