826 valencia and an incredible food discussion. for now, food but no discussion.

i just got back from a fascinating and thought-provoking food science and politics discussion at 826 valencia. yeesh. i don’t even know where to start with all the incredible topics covered over the three hour talk and it’s almost 2am, so i’ll leave the heavy thinking for tomorrow. for now, i’ll post some photos of the incredible food served at the event. i didn’t even know until fifteen minutes before it started that they were serving food, and then it showed up on mission mission like a specially delivered message from the blogosphere to my stomach.  thanks interwebs, for saving my ass from eating dinner so i didn’t show up full when they’re serving stuff like this:


and this:


ooh, you ask, what are those, mei? and i’m like, ummmm, you know,  some delicious mushroomy shit and some awesome creamy asparagusness bruschetta thingy. okay, i don’t know. but they were mighty tasty. luckily, the creator of most of the dishes, a chef named leif hedendal, not only knows how to cook but knows how to get all arts and craftsy:


ahh. driftless. of course. (wtf?!) and this gorgeous dish? i’ll let him answer that too.



i love all the books on the walls of the tutoring and writing workshop room in the back of 826 valencia. i found ruth reichl’s book tender to the bone while waiting for the seminar to start and read the beginning where she’s trying to prevent her notorious food poisoner mom (aka the Queen of Mold) from serving a potentially botulism-laced dinner to 250 dinner guests. mmmmmm. now i have to go find the book at the library and find out how she managed to avert mass murder, or how she managed to hide the evidence so it didn’t affect her successful culinary career.

leif, your food was fantastic. i hope you’re okay with me posting the photos of your food and also the accidental photo of you below (i think that’s you on the right). i swear i was not stalking you and surreptitiously taking secret photos to hang on my bedroom ceiling. if you’re not cool with me posting this photo i will take it down, but don’t worry, no one will really see you because there is a GINORMOUSLY HUMONGOUS AND AWESOME LOOKING CHICKEN WING IN THE WAY.


according to the comment on mission mission that initially alerted me to the impending deliciousness, a chef named anthony from mission street food made these wings. except it wasn’t three kinds of wings, it was triple-fried chicken wings. fuck yeah. i’m not sure exactly how one triple-fries, but it results in a moist, juicy meat and a dry, intensely crispy but not super greasy skin. no jiggly, oily, mottled chicken skin here. check out this glistening pile of triple awesome:


mmmmmmmm. you can practically see the sprinkle of cayenne or chili powder that gave the skin a subtle spiciness that i didn’t even notice at first until i sat back down and my lips started lightly burning. final photo – i ran into my friend aron, a self-styled eco-gastronome who shares my love for taco trucks, sustainable food discussions, and tasty-ass shit. here he is stalking the plate like a prowling tiger on the savannah, ready to pounce on his prey :


devour that shit aron, it’s fucking delicious. i’ll be back with some actual content tomorrow when i stop hyperventilating from being so close to michael pollan and finally get some oxygen to my brain cells.

looooooooove mei

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2 thoughts on “826 valencia and an incredible food discussion. for now, food but no discussion.

  1. braveandkind says:

    Cooooooool! Did you ogle MP for me? He’s so intellectually hot right now. Serve me up an order of hot piping Michael Pollan.

    • mei says:

      uhhh yeah, i was ogling him super hardcore from the second row. he’s amazingly smart and well-read and synthesized all these historical references and books and famous authors and government policies to make his points. OBSESSED WITH HIM. i wanted to go up to him afterwards and say something, but nothing intelligent was forming in my brain and i was too embarrassed to go up and be like…ummm….i think you’re awesome….

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