beaded lizards, carbon cafes, and sex advice at the academy of sciences

i just got back from the super radtastic nightlife event at the phenomenal new california academy of sciences museum in golden gate park. every thursday night, they open up the museum at night for people to drink wine, poke starfish, drink beer, ogle anacondas, drink cocktails, stare at jellyfish, dance awkwardly a bit while a dj spins, and generally do their best not to fall into a tank full of rare white alligators.  this is pretty much my idea of the perfect evening, assuming no alligator incidents. i’m kind of a nerd. science museums rock.


cool huh? i wish all bars had massive aquariums with huge schools of fish swimming around. if you haven’t been to the museum yet, go go go. it is seriously fucking cool. you can even make out with beaded lizards.


i stood around with a crowd of people watching this lizard for about 10 minutes because the way it moves is absolutely hilarious. don’t you usually expect animals to be lithe and agile and possessing impressively sharp and finetuned reflexes? this lizard crawls around like a blindfolded drunk baby with an inner ear imbalance issue and almost fell into its own wading pool a few times.

one of the really cool things about the museum (besides the death stalker scorpions and the electric eel shock replicator and the giant sea bass and the living roof and the 87 foot blue whale skeleton) was the focus on the environment and sustainability. there’s a huge exhibit on global warming and climate change and endangered species and carbon footprints, plus an awesome section on food and its environmental impact. there’s information on organic production, seasonality, waste, transportation, and processed and packaged foods, all from the angle of minimizing energy consumption and CO2 production. they set up a neat little  ‘carbon cafe’ where you can look at different meals, check out their environmental impact, and calculate your food footprint:


fake dishes like a hamburger, local fruits, chicken, a quesadilla, pizza, are all marked with their ’emission facts’:


tasty. this is definitely the tampa strip mall of food porn, right chris? anyway, once you’ve figured out their impact you can add them together on this ‘guest check’. fun! interactivity! fake french fries!


i really appreciated the attention given to the correlation between meat production and greenhouse gas emission:


there were tons of spectacular photos and lots of fascinating animal exhibits to remind you that if we continue fucking up the planet then there will be no more narwhals, and that would be a global tragedy.


narwhals! they’re the (planet) unicorn of the ocean! i’d like to be on a boat (with t-pain and some flippie floppies) so i can catch a narwhal and bring it home to live in my olympic size swimming pool that does not exist. it’s clearly time for me to go to bed as this post is getting progressively randomer, kind of like this one. that link has some kickass songs to enjoy, so just click it already and say hi to axel for me (do it olivia, you will like it).

i’ll leave you with the most educational tidbit of the evening. the museum designers did a fantastic job with the spectacular architecture and so much cool shit in the exhibits, especially their focus on making the exhibits interactive. for example, they set up a comment board so you can get tips and suggestions on being more environmentally friendly from other people.  although i’d love to follow the advice on the right someday, maybe the advice on the left is the way to really make sustainable eating popular with the general public:eat-less-meat-more-veggies


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One thought on “beaded lizards, carbon cafes, and sex advice at the academy of sciences

  1. braveandkind says:

    Lolz I want to go to Academy of Sciencez.

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