(mis)adventures in early morning pancake experimentation

it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of crazy, a lot of alcohol, a lot of 3am jump roping with a crowd of 100 drunk people on 6th street, and very little sleep here at sxsw. for some reason, i’m up at 8am doing some pancake experimentation with my buddy orion, age 10.


so far, only one lego man has needed rescuing from a gruesome pancake batter drowning.

things learned so far at this unnecessarily early hour of the morning:

1.  my boss ian has the joy of cooking pancake batter recipe memorized. that makes me happy.

2.  i am in some serious need of pancake flipping practice.

3.  orion is a very creative cook. he dreamt up an innovative dual flipping action procedure, whereupon we learned that putting a metal measuring cup full of pancake batter directly on the burner does not result in a fluffy, thick, biscuit-like mini pancake. instead, the actual product is a singed measuring cup (only slightly), a burnt and blackened crust of pancake, and a goopy, sludgy center with the consistency of wet cement, or maybe a bowl full of bird poop (or so i’d imagine).

you might argue that this outcome was a foregone conclusion. you could also make a case for the debatable intelligence on my part in allowing orion to light a cooking implement on fire. i will have you know that  i did actually do a quick internal debate on whether to exert my marginally grownup status to prevent this from happening. but i decided that a) i’m not really an adult (mentally), and b) as long as oven mitts were judiciously used, it became a useful educational exercise.

all in all – valuable lessons learned and nobody got hurt. well, nobody except a traumatized lego man, but they say he’s gonna be fine.

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