hot dogs drowning in cheese and a fire-breathing bartender

i love austin for a lot of reasons, but i’m all about this place because of their shockingly high ratio of street food vendors to drunk people, and there are quite a number of drunk people here.  i’ve seen several gourmet hot dog vendors, loads of taco trucks, a juice and smoothie RV, the cupcake trailer, and a hamburger truck dotted around the city, and those are just the ones i can actually remember from my constant sxsw-partying-induced wasted stupor.  6th street at 2am is a street food paradise, where tiny carts and eating opportunities abound on every block.

here’s a texas classic hot dog from the beezlebun’s gourmet hot dog cart on 6th street. custom made all beef hot link, topped with cheddar cheese, bourbon bbq sauce, jalapenos, and grilled red onions:


thanks to 6th street’s ubiquitous $2 beers (and a flaming doctor pepper from a fire-breathing bartender) i don’t actually remember what this tasted like (the only reason i have any idea what’s on the hot dog is because, although i could barely stand up straight,  i was able to focus enough to take a photo of the menu).  i’m sure it was cheesetastically delicious.

here’s a cuban, also from beezlebun’s, which is a quarter pound all beef hot dog with a whole bunch of ridiculous shit shoveled on top. slow smoked pulled pork, jack cheese, pickles, and spicy mustard sauce.


i had to guard the hot dog with my life to take this photo. you can see one of my drunken go game enablers in the upper right corner trying to snatch the hot dog and make a run for it. you can see signs of a telltale orange jumpsuit behind my new friend from beezlebun’s.


beezlebun’s guy (name lost in beer-addled brain) and i had a, let’s say, ‘spirited’ conversation on the merits of spending money on good meat vs. good alcohol. i’m generally a very happy drunk, but i have been known to get a little feisty with the drunken shit-talking every so often (like when i find myself in the company of yankees fans). having read some disturbing articles on meat pathogens recently, i argued for the pro-expensive meat faction.  he defended his case for meals consisting only of expensive booze, but i’ve recently learned from personal experience that this is not a good idea. it’s pretty much been my  m.o. throughout sxsw and i now have about the brain functioning of a semi-comatose lemur.

lastly, remember how i mentioned that fire-breathing bartender? i wasn’t kidding. dude was not fucking around.


seriously, austin. i love you.

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4 thoughts on “hot dogs drowning in cheese and a fire-breathing bartender

  1. watcat says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Kwang says:

    YAY AUSTIN! So glad you love it.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for giving me credit for buying you the flaming Dr. Peppers. When you’re rich and famous remember us little people.

  4. Austin loves you, too! That picture of flaming Dr. Peppers flaming on is great. I wonder what the London food scene is like?

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