a perfect mission saturday afternoon in san francisco

i spent my last weekend  in san francisco enjoying the first sunny weekend of the year.  over the last few years of living in the mission, some of my best times have been spent picnicking with friends while people-watching and day-drinking the hours away at dolores park. there’s always ample sources of entertainment there including, but certainly not limited to, chocolate marijuana truffles, glue and lentil wrestling in kiddie pools, naked slip’n’slides, sf cop run-ins, a hunky jesus contest, and so much more.  a view of the packed saturday park hustle and bustle:


there is an insane amount of delicious food available within a one-block radius of the park. i stopped at bi-rite on the way over and got neon green and fruity so-hot-right-now casteveltrano olives and some nutty ewetopia cheese. julie and nadja, champion day drinkers, handled the peach mango mimosas:


mimosa in hand, i also caught up with allan from mission mission and met a powerhouse crew of local eaters including john from burrito justice and ashley from mission pie.  we all happened to catch the future hula-hooping world champion demolish her struggling male companion in a mano-a-mano battle.  it was a hilarious scene and the surrounding crowd gave her a few rounds of applause in acknowledgement of her talents.  i always love those great instances where a whole bunch of strangers join in on appreciating a singularly unexpected public moment, something we try to achieve as much as possible with the go game.


thanks to john from burrito justice for the cool moving photo action and some good conversation. i may be in touch about airmailing a cancun burrito over to the UK soon…


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