the super final ultimate goodbye san francisco post (at least for now)

for my super final ultimate san francisco post, i will leave you with photos of one of my super final ultimate last meals in the city, which might also be my ultimate last meal on earth before walking to the gallows or whatever.  welcome to the ham and cheese croissant to destroy all other ham and cheese croissants, courtesy of an establishment that was formerly my downstairs neighbor but currently only resides in my fantasies – tartine bakery.


this is, no joke, the best ham and cheese croissant you will ever have in your life.  warm, buttery, with a crisply delicate outer structure that you bite through to a firm but yielding center of melted cheese and tangy ham, sending flaky shards  to sprinkle your shirt with signs of recently consumed deliciousness.

next up, good morning morning bun!  this lovely item graced the top 100 items to eat in SF before you die because it is FUCKING AMAZING. sweet and crunchy with  a hint of orange, it will leave you with a big sugary smile of ecstasy and smeared gooeyness.


i also brought in rich chocolate and subtly almond frangipane croissants along with the morning buns for my very last go game meeting in san francisco.


hellooooo my darlings. you will soon be eaten and then i will have to say goodbye. goodbye to you and the go game and san francisco! but don’t worry. i will be back someday, sooner than you think,  for my fix of ham and cheese and the entire beautiful city…

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