nyc food tour, part two: korean fried chicken in your face


our next three nyc food tour posts cover one of the ultimate cooking techniques of all time: THE DEEP FRY. oh yes.  i greatly enjoy the excitement of deep frying.  over the course of approximately three hours wandering the streets of manhattan in search of edible offerings, irene lexi and i stuffed our bellies with korean fried chicken, deep fried oreos, and fried dumplings. a trifecta of hot batter-dripping, artery-clogging, waistline-expanding, boiling oil-dipped goodness – a FRYFECTA, if you will.

we were on a dedicated mission to hit up the KFC, thanks to a rave from my friends seth and becky. no, not that KFC, but Korean Fried Chicken, which i first read about back in the day in this article in the new york times. on the advice of seth, we headed to boka, a korean restaurant on st. marks that serves bon chon chicken. you’re probably wondering – what’s the difference between regular old american fried chicken and korean fried chicken? the above article does an excellent job describing the difference in detail, but essentially the fat in the skin is rendered out in KFC to give a much lighter and crispier crust.  as you can see in the top picture, the skin is an crackly, crunchy,  eggshell-thin, topographically varied landscape that crumbles into an explosion of flavor in your mouth.


we tried both varieties – one plate of lightly sweet soy garlic, one plate of hot’n’spicy. so hot irene couldn’t eat it, cause she’s a bit of a wuss (no offense seester:). we also tried to order bacon and pickled garlic sushi. exciting, right? not so exciting when we were served unidentifiable brown meat sushi instead because they were ‘out’ of the bacon and negelected to tell us. WACK.  lexi’s face displays the intensity of our inner torment and anguish.


duuuude. what’s up with that!? after a bite of mystery brownness, we stayed away from the sushi and concentrated on smearing our faces with crispy skin bits and filling our bellies with tasty moist chicken meat.  all the better to save room for the deep fried oreos. coming up next…

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