nyc food tour, part four: an in-depth exploration of the deep fried oreo, complete with baby hand


holy crap! it’s a deep fried oreo! you know that’s exactly what irene and lexi are thinking. they are peering in awe at the wonder of the intensely spermlike battered and deep fried oreo in its natural habit –  sprinkled in powdered sugar and placed in a greasy paper takeout container.

meandering south from korean fried chicken, we stumbled upon a street fair a little bit south of astor place. as anyone who has ever been to a nyc street fair knows, they are a glorious celebration of all things greasy and deep fried. these weekend festivals  showcase the best of satisfying and handheld edibles, from gyros to sausages to kettle corn and so much more. our eyes were drawn to the classic it’s-summer-and-you-just-drank-four-cups-of-sugary-lemonade-which-you-should-try-not-to-vomit-up-on-the-rollercoaster carnival type booth featuring a plethora of fryable goodies, including the yes-it’s-just-a-plate-of-deep-fryedness funnel cake.


i’m not quite sure whether lexi is panting in anticipation, trying to lick the funnel cake through the glass, or vomiting up what looks suspiciously like a pile of intestines.  attracted to the smell of frying batter like hipsters to an american apparel sale, we decided to spend our most valuable resource – stomach space – on the brave new world of the deep fried oreo.  we saw the adventurous sandwich cookie get dipped in oozy batter, dropped into a roiling pot of hot oil, and then emerge victoriously only to be attacked with an aggressive sprinkling of powdered sugar.  because i have only recently learned not to bite into items that have just emerged from pots of boiling liquid, i waited a few seconds and then trepidatiously took a bite.


you can see irene deeply pondering the existential state of the cookie as it enters my mouth. or perhaps she is girding her loins for the upcoming pain of a mouthful of boiling hot magma in the form of overly sugary deliciousness.


luckily for the overall satisfaction of our food tour, the oreo did not sear off our tastebuds with burning hot fire. here is the glorious concoction, mid-bite:


the deep fried oreo features a barely sweetened, almost salty outer shell of crunchy browned doughiness in comparison to the  sugar bomb intensity of oreo in the middle. the chocolate cookie sandwiches on either side of the intensely sweet creamy center dissolve a little from the heat and meld into a whole hot mess in yor mouth.  this deep fried oreo also features a sort of creepy and slightly burnt baby hand giving a high five up on the right.  thankfully, i’ve been looking for an excuse to link to baby hands.

part three of the fryfecta coming up soon, hot off the grill : fried dumplings!

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