the taste of bitter love is creamy, sweet, and delicious

sometimes i make no sense, but sometimes i do.  my not-literally-but-for-all-intents-and-purposes siamese twin chris and i stumbled upon what might be the most adorable coffee shop on the planet a few days ago while house hunting in hackney in east london. it’s called ‘the taste of bitter love‘ and it’s a tiny little storefront with just a few tables inside and out on the sidewalk. their sign proclaims ‘really really good food and coffee’ so obviously we had to stop and test the veracity of this bold statement.


verdict: true. i swear to you i am not exaggerating when i say that this is one of the best iced coffees i have ever had. i realize i am quite prone to hyperbole, but seriously, it was fantastic. rich, creamy, frothy, sweet but not cloyingly so, it was an iced coffee to rule all other iced coffees. the only bad thing about this coffee was that it was so good that i wanted more. please sir, may i have some more?

to minimize my already unnecessarily high caffeine intake for the morning, i settled for a delicious veggie sandwich instead. grilled eggplant, squash, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, fresh spinach, goat cheese, and a thick slab of brie on a hefty chunk of focaccia.  you can eat these beauties fresh or have them grilled on a panini press while you wait, giving the bread a nice crunchy exterior.


you’ll notice a chalkboard sign in the back of the photo congratulating the new world barista champion.  i thought perhaps the super nice guy who made my excellent iced coffee was this person ‘gwilym’ but apparently it’s a friend who just triumphed at the championships in atlanta. is it really embarassingly american of me to address this name? probably, but i’ll do it anyway. so…gwilym. girl? boy? elf? some sort of royalty of middle earth dressed in long flowing white robes with pointy ears? am i mixing up all my LOTR characters?  i’ll shut up now.

outside, they had cute old-fashioned antique-y chairs and tables to sit and enjoy the sunshine aka look like a badass on your laptop:


inside, it’s like your grandmother’s cozy attic room, if your grandmother had great taste and liked to peruse old bodybuilding photos of ahhhhnold. it’s cool if she did, no judgement from me.


i also enjoy this other picture from the inside of the cafe, mainly because chris and i spent an unnecessary amount of time debating whether ‘half seven’ means 6:30 or 7:30. perhaps gwilym will tell us after he/she/it smacks us around a bit for being such ignorant americans.


it may be because i’m sitting doing ‘work’ in a pub right now and thus am well-lubricated and more likely to gush, but really, i liked everything about this place. really nice friendly people who work there, great food and coffee, lovely design, and overall just a happy happy vibe. i actually turned to chris and said, i could come here and drink coffee every day. which i feel is serendipitous, because immediately afterwards, we went to look at an apartment a block away and fell in love. not only is it a duplex and therefore way larger than most other london apartments we’ve seen, but it is RIGHT NEXT TO A FARM. IN THE CITY. YOU KNOW I AM SERIOUSLY EXCITED BECAUSE I AM TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND THAT MEANS THIS IS SOME SERIOUS BUSINESS. check out hackney city farm and all their glorious offerings here.

however, i am not going to talk about this-place-that-may-someday-be-ours too much, because despite our deposit and willingness to hand over lots of monies and sign our lives away, apparently the bureaucracy that is a UK estate agency/landlord requires us to shave our heads, paint our faces, get decked out in fancy dress, and then jump over hurdles backwards in front of buckingham palace while on stilts and chased by a pack of rabid werewolves in order to rent an apartment here.  at least that’s what it feels like.

i shall keep you all updated on the werewolf chase/apartment hunt.

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2 thoughts on “the taste of bitter love is creamy, sweet, and delicious

  1. Chris says:

    to clarify…she fell in love with the apartment.

  2. olivia says:

    oh dudes that apartment sounds RIDICULOUS. pictures, please. now. pictures. want. immediately.

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