more highlights from borough market and reasons why london is great: the second saturday

in what is quickly becoming a weekly tradition, i followed up last week’s vaguely hungover borough market trip with an even more hungover borough market trip the next saturday.  i already mentioned the enlightening food tour and the toasted cheese of the gods from this visit already, but wanted to share a few more photos because the market is just that awesome.

here are the highlights of this lovely saturday market trip, plus a few reasons why i am falling in love with london.

highlight# 1: the biggest vat of thai green curry with mussels ever seen.

biggest vat of green curry ever

if this isn’t a category in the guinness book of world records, it should be. then i could compete to be the person who consumed the most thai green curry with mussels ever. super stardom, here i come.

highlight #2: this stack of seriously delicious comte cheese wheels.

eamon and so much comte from borough cheese companyyou can see how high this stack of cheese wheels is because they could CRUSH EAMON TO DEATH if they fell on him in a cheese avalanche. well, almost.   borough cheese company hands out these samples of this incredible comte cheese that i ADORE (there are cool photos about cheesemaking on their site too). i kind of want to buy a whole wheel of comte and take it home to be my friend. it will live in my kitchen and i will care for it by slowly slicing it into pieces. it will grow smaller while my belly grows bigger. i bet eamon is imagining the very same thing.

reason #1 why london is great – notice anything missing from the bottom of this photo? american marketgoers may notice that there isn’t a huge stack of unnecessary and useless toothpicks by the cheese. they don’t use toothpicks here and it’s great. toothpicks are such a pain in the ass because they are just another annoying step slowing down the convergence of sample item and mouth. perhaps you might find this ‘unsanitary’, in which case you should go drink a  convenient travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer.

highlight #3: glasses of white wine and snacks outside the cathedral:

drinking outside the cathedral

the back of borough market abuts this church so you can wander out from the maze of stalls with a toasted cheese or pizza sandwich in your hands, plop down on some old stones or this tiny grassy knoll and enjoy your meal. but even better, check out what those ladies on the right have in their hands, which brings me to:

reason #2 why london is great – YOU CAN DRINK OUTSIDE! like ANYWHERE. no brown bagging and trying to hide from the cops, you can just buy alcohol from an off-license and drink in the park if you like. it’s amazing!

i’d like to state for the record that i do not have a drinking problem, despite your possible belief to the contrary.  in fact, i am actively trying to protect my liver from the brits who are constantly trying pickle it by inviting us out to the pub all the time.  but while we’re on the subject of alcohol…

highlight #4: how good does this fresh sangria look?

fresh made sangria

so cute! fresh fruit and hand-lettered signs and baskets of lavender and checked tablecloths and all things that call out to me, if only i weren’t already hungover. seriously, no drinking problem. i blame you, england. but i still love you because.. bubble bapsign

reason #3 why london is great – i am particularly entertained by the variations in language, especially as related to food. i mean, bacon  bubble bap? is this a tv show for children? are you doing this on purpose?

now that i am an avid learner of brit foodspeak, i will translate that for you as sandwich roll with bacon, cheese, and leftover potato-vegetable hash thingie.  you can read about fun times with bubble and squeak here.

highlight #5: super nice guys who want to give me lots of samples of expensive ham.

black hoof of jamon in your face

check out that massive hoof in your face. yeesh. kind of weird, but not weird enough that i don’t want to eat delicious cured spanish ham from brindisa.

really nice dude with the jamon samples at brindisa

the guy on the right was in the middle of carefully carving up a big pig leg and noticed me peering at the massive hams. he  proceeded to shave off a thin slice of four different varieties ranging in color from a dusky rose to a dark red wine stain and explain them all to me. he is my new best friend.  i tried the jamón de monroyo  (a white pig fed on cereal), an ibérico pig fed on acorn, and several other variations. all were intensely, pungently  flavored morsels of silky smooth cured ham with variations in saltiness, sharpness, muskiness. delicious.

highlight #6: coconut drops and meringues YUM.

coconut drops and meringues

disappointingly, i was insanely full by the time we encountered both these monstrously ginormous softballs of joy. but don’t worry my pretties, i’ll be back for you. until next weekend…let’s just hope i’m not too hungover for sangria.

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7 thoughts on “more highlights from borough market and reasons why london is great: the second saturday

  1. LinziMG says:

    Wait till our Yelp picnic, then you’ll see drinking in the park! Pimms, Prosecco and Cider for the peasants 😉

  2. Jonny says:

    I am enjoying reading your blog – your enthusiasm shines through and reminds me that I really must pay Borough Market a visit again soon!

    • mei says:

      thanks jonny! make sure to have a toasted cheese sandwich. and a pizza sandwich. and any other sandwich you can find. yum!

  3. Eamon says:

    To be crushed under a wall of cheese is the noblest of deaths, as far as I’m concerned

  4. Joven says:

    Its great to know you enjoyed the green thai curry, as I work there =D Its great being able to help myself to it anytime

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