in which kell and i discover paella, gingerbread men, and an impressive pair of sausages.

besides creating breadroom bondage scenes, kell and i have been eating our way around london over the past few days and i’ve got lots of photos coming. here she enjoys her first sausage and egg bap. apparently size does matter at the breakfast club in hoxton.

kell and the sausages

we also had an incredible paella bought off the street corner on our way to see a fantastic and hilarious production of As You Like It at the Globe, an open-air theatre on the Thames recreated as it was in Shakespearean times. you even get to stand in the yard like the peasants did back in the day.


no trip to london is complete without some serious market visiting, so i’ve got borough and broadway market posts coming up. until then, my favorite food photo of the week: the emotionally distressed gingerbread man.

unhappy gingerbreadman

is he in danger of being bitten by the vampire-esque gingerbread man behind him? maybe he’s just afraid of losing his head. in my mouth. mmm….

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