how to eat wild and exotic mushrooms without dying!

here’s a post of mine that was originally published at eat.drink.better, an awesome sustainable food website, as five ways to serve wild and exotic mushrooms.  all you need to eat exciting and rare mushrooms is to let someone else do the work of finding them. less effort and less likely to kill you! yay farmer’s markets for both improving and saving my life.


I’ve always loved the idea of foraging for food, but the idea of dying from a poisonous mushroom overdose has always put me off from plucking edibles from the ground for dinner. Luckily, you can often find a carefully selected array of wild and exotic mushrooms at grocery stores or farmers markets. Sometimes, when there’s potential for serious injury, I find it’s best to leave things up to the professionals.

I found this gorgeous array of exotic mushrooms at the Sporeboys stall at London’s beautiful Broadway Market. Mushrooms are easy to cook, good for you, and have a deliciously rich, almost meaty taste that’s a great vegetarian substitute. I made a simple sautéed mushroom mix with olive oil, herbs, and cheese that tasted great on toast as well as pasta. It could also top a number of other dishes that you’ve already got in your kitchen. It’s simple, versatile, and oh so tasty…and no fear of poison! What more could you ask for?

Here’s an easy way to cook your mushrooms and a number of ways to serve them too:

Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms

What You Need:

Assorted mixed mushrooms – any varieties including crimini, portobello, erynjii, shiitake, oyster, nameko, shimeji

Assorted herbs – I used sage and rosemary

Any nutty hard cheese such as pecorino or parmesan


Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

What You Do:

1. Chop your mushrooms into bite-size slices or chunks while you warm a generous pour of olive oil on low heat in a frying pan.

2. Mince your garlic and add it to the oil.

3. Once the oil has warmed up and the garlic has changed color slightly, toss in the mushrooms and let them cook. After a few minutes, toss in the herbs and continue to sauté until soft.

4. Once the mushrooms have softened and absorbed some of the oil, remove from heat and top with some freshly grated cheese. Add salt and pepper and enjoy! The mushrooms are tasty on their own or as part of any number of delicious veggie-friendly dishes below.

Five Ways to Serve Your Mushroom Mix:

1.  Take a loaf of good quality brown or wholemeal bread and toast some thick slices with a bit of butter.  Spoon the mushroom mix on top for a yummy open-face sandwich, pictured to the right with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

2.  Serve the mushrooms on top of any kind of noodles for an easy vegetarian pasta.

3.  Fold the mushrooms into eggs for a cheesy mushroom omelette.

4.  Spread onto a pizza with any other veggie toppings.

5.  Mix into risotto for an impressive and incredibly delicious dish. Sounds complicated, but the recipe‘s right on the fantastic Sporeboys website. Thanks Sporeboys for offering such delicious mushrooms and a recipe too!

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3 thoughts on “how to eat wild and exotic mushrooms without dying!

  1. olivia says:

    oh man, umami to the max. soooooo delicious…

    also, hilariousness. accidentally thought familystyles was on blogspot, so typed in:

    YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT. less of a lazy susan of recipes, and more of a crazy boozin with relatives. with the last name styles. as in, they are the family styles, get it?? and they enjoy photoshop A LOT.

  2. mei says:

    oh my god HILARIOUS. that tiger shot is creeeeeeeeeeeepy to the max.

  3. exoticmushrooms says:

    do you know of a recipe for ganoderma?

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