thanks to the breadman, i’m rich with megacake

a wall of megacake

hello and welcome to an indomitable fortress of megacake, a towering and impenetrable wall of chocolate, caramel, and shortbread. just try to scale those sugary heights….i dare you.

perhaps you are thinking, what is this remarkably tasty looking wall of dessert? and furthermore, who is that shady looking figure up in the corner?

the answers can all be traced back to a debaucherous night of fun in the kitchen thanks to the breadman competition.  the entire story, complete with photos, can be found here but the short version is that kell and i entered a photo competition involving a little breadman dude from a bakery stall in soho. intrigued by the possibilities, we entertained ourselves for several hours creating several scenes involving two unsuspecting breadpeople – a fiery breadperson sacrifice and a bondage in the breadroom panorama – both made exclusively with edible items. i didn’t include one of my favorite photos in the original breadman post,  so i’ll include it now for additional visual explanation.

breadman is literally on fire

the breadman is LITERALLY ON FIRE. ouch. so anyway, we took the photos, put them up on facebook, people voted and we won this month’s prize! woohoo! our prize was a megacake  – a massive four pounds plus of our choice of brownie or the excitingly named millionaire’s squares.  since kell went back to florence ages ago, i had to make the difficult choice myself and went with the chocolate-and-caramel-drenched shortbread.  here’s tommy and chris, two of the lovely breadmen from the breadman stall, showing off the ginormous megacake:

tommy and chris from the breadman

why is it called millionaire’s squares or millionaire’s shortbread?  because it’s rich as all hell? because it’s calorically wealthy? because it’s money, baby? who knows.  according to chris they call it caramel slice back in australia, but that’s not nearly as fun.

i lugged the kilo and a half of cake around central london for several hours looking for a venue for our upcoming go game (come play! it’s for a good cause) and it was quite a workout. however, all the calories burned were immediately negated by a few bites of the intensely sweet, rich and crumbly megacake.  and just in case you were wondering,  i didn’t eat the megacake myself. my gluttony does know some bounds. instead, i gave away bite-size pieces to random strangers while dressed as a naughty wizard at a recent harry potter screening.

you know. like you do.

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