the mad hatter tea party at the oubliette arthouse

the red queen serving tea out the window

behold the red queen, serving tea via extra-long straws out the letter box to mad hatter's tea party at the fifth plinthtourists on oxford street! in honor of tomorrow’s rambling feast of strangers, i’m finally getting around to posting photos from the last rambling restaurant event: the mad hatter’s tea party and the unexpected illumination of the rambling banqueteers at the oubliette arthouse.  the 24 hours straight of serving, prepping, dining, and drinking can only be described as one of the most bizarre food experiences of my life, sandwiched with other customed revelers in a miniscule doorway dressed as the white queen and nibbling ‘eat me’ cupcakes on full display for the shopping tourists on one of london’s busiest thoroughfares. and that was about 2pm, before everyone started drinking…

for a bit of background – we put on the meals with oubliette arthouse, a group of artist squatters who staged a series of public hour-long performances for 24 hours called the fifth plinth as an homage to the fourth plinth art project in trafalgar square. the rambling restaurant took over thedelicious snacks at the mad hatter tea party tiiiny entryway to a language school down in central london for a few hours to serve pies, tarts, cookies, and cakes to a few adventurous diners dressed in alice-in-wonderland garb. i stood out in front in a voluminous lacy miss havisham style bridal dress and a crazy paper hat as the white queen and tried to give away cookies to random strangers. harder than you might think, actually. you can see the impressively odd spread to the left, which includes a massive decorative piece made of jello (they call it jelly here).  odd, when your morning involves people dressed in bunny and dormouse outfits passing you donuts through the letterbox to give to people walking by.

[oops. bread making break….]

ok, i’m back. having just spent the last four hours baking 12 pans of focaccia and marinating a ginormous leg of lamb for tomorrow (and downing several bottles of wine in the process), i’m thinking we’ll leave part II of the day – crazy banquet dinner onwards – for later.  i’ll leave you with an amusingly ridiculous photo of me. admittedly, i am not the one in the chicken hat and ice skating leotard, so things could be worse (you look adorable, carey:) night!!

white queen on oxford street

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