the unexpected illumination of the rambling banqueteers

rambling banqueteers at the fifth plinth

following up on the last post about the oubliette arthouse and the fifth plinth, here’s the second half of our eating-as-performance installation: the unexpected illumination of the rambling banqueteers.  squeeeezed into the tiny above entryway were 11 intrepid diners facing a confused array of passers-by and a toasty warm mealtime surrounded by spotlights and burning candles. however, as reward for their bravery and endurance, these banqueteers were rewarded with quite the serious spread.

regard exhibit a: the whole salmon.

whole salmon for the rambling banquetthe secret supper attendees had already sipped on a chilled gazpacho with scallions, cucumbers, and homemade croutons and cheese straws when this massive sea creature swam into their midst along with a green bean and tarragon salad, baby potatoes, and the most perfect foodrambler lemony mayonnaise. the wine flowed freely as did the conversation – you can’t help but make friends with your fellow diners in such a strange eating situation – and then came the massive dessert.

please direct your attention to exhibit b: the meringue swan with almond cream and strawberries, a signature dish of the rambling restaurant.

meringue swan from the rambling banquet

okay, so it has a bit more duck-y charm than swanlike grace. but  regardless,  it tasted like a thing of beauty.  i have never been so happy to gnaw on a swan face.

here’s a picture of the meal in full swing:

late night at the rambling banquet

and once our time at the fifth plinth was up, the entire party headed up to the cavernous upper floors of the central london squat to keep the party going.  there was drinking, there was dancing, there was rooftop activity, there was running around with a massive plate of jello, there was a rock band of dudes in shiny leggings blasting music on the sidewalk, there was a guy in a creepy serial killer mask and a jumpsuit covered in blood dancing in the doorway with a large machete. i may have fed him jello through the letterbox. such is the insanity of an evening of performance art…

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  2. Vaman says:

    i want to hang out with you more

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