amsterdam, part three: dutch hockey stadium food for the win!

fresh fruit cups at the stadium

in the wise words of the irish legend eoin flinner, the food at wagener hockey stadium in amsterdam is ‘absolutely savage.’  i don’t know if it’s a dutch thing or a european thing or we’re-not-in-kansas-eating-deep-fried-anything-anymore thing, but i’ve never seen food like this at a sporting event.  sure,  i’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for a good old fenway frank and garlic fries are part of the fun at A’s and 49ers games,  but i was seriously impressed by the freshly made sandwiches and the bountiful displays of fruits and vegetables. check out the mozzarella and tomato caprese sandwiches on huge baguettes below:

mozzarella tomato sandwiches at the hockey tournament

and the insane display of veggies for on-the-spot stir frying. i don’t think most of these vegetables have ever seen the inside of a US stadium except maybe to soak up the grease from a sausage.

stir fry at the food court

not feeling a thai curry or vegetable stir-fry? you could also choose from a selection of just-chopped salads:

a bounty of salads

and the desserts? i saw a twinkly-eyed old man chopping fresh strawberries while soft spiralled croissants baked away in the oven. and you can see by the empty tart shells that these tempting little berry mounds are being made on the spot. quite a far cry from soft serve from a machine or even a ben and jerry’s peace pop straight out the box.

crazy desserts at the stadium

there’s certainly something to be said for the joys of watery beer in a plastic cup, exorbitantly priced hot dogs, and chucking peanut shells on the ground while watching the sox drive it home in the 9th inning. obviously you don’t go to fenway or gillette or your stadium of choice for the four-star dining. and to be fair, stadium food has gotten a lot better in the US in recent years. in fact, the new yankee stadium even has a fruit stand. whaaaaat? surprising but a great idea, although it would be nice if the fruit was local instead of shipped in from across the country. but rest assured all you old-school die-hard sports fans who think that the world is going to hell in a compost pail – the stadium still sells hot dogs, sliders, pretzels, and an amazing 1,341 calorie portion of cheese fries (btw that link goes to the great blog young and foodish, whose author i met a few weeks ago).  why bother with fruit when you can get nearly an entire day’s worth of calories in just a few bites?

in case you’re wondering why i was at a dutch hockey stadium in the first place, my friend eoin’s sister roisin was playing for ireland in the euro hockey championships. GOOOO TEAM! it may have been 8am and our group may have made up about 20% of the people there, but our crew came in full force.

root and flinner in ireland rally gear

ireland rally gear FTW! no doubt about it.

irish rally crew

i’m curious about the food sitch at other stadiums in the UK and europe and around the US as well. guess it’s time to get me to a football match. anyone got any great (or horrendous) stadium food experiences at home or abroad? leave a comment and let me know…

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One thought on “amsterdam, part three: dutch hockey stadium food for the win!

  1. Don’t know of any but when my husband went to the Arsenal stadium, he had no positive comments on the food – except: it was a hotdog, just public food! Unlike the match which we flew over to see from the Netherlands….

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