amsterdam, part four: the greasy underbelly of the city’s food scene

oh so much mayonnaise

mmm…nothing like a blanket of mayonnaise to stimulate the appetite. lest you think tastes in the city of amsterdam are so refined as to produce only plentiful cornucopias of fresh produce and traditional artisan cheese wheels, i thought i’d share some photos of the darker side of the city’s gastronomic offerings.   if you despise the deep-fried, cringe at cholesterol, and fear fattiness in full force, shield your delicate eyes from the following gallery of wonders.

considering the reasons many tourists travel to amsterdam,  it’s no surprise that much of the food aims to satisfy the most indulgent of desires. whether it’s the cheesiest bacon-studded hot dog extravaganza or a sugar-spiked, chocolate-dipped, syrup-blanketed, frosting-laden waffle, there’s a stunning selection of items celebrating the dirtiest, basest, most gluttonous food fantasies.

a hot dog of death

as you stroll the winding streets, nearly every other shopfront displays massive glass cases nearly overflowing with hardened pizza rounds the size of manhole covers and multiple incarnations of cheese-drenched meat products trapped in encrusted shells of  stale bread.  visually horrifying, but surprisingly acceptable at certain points very very late in the evening or rather, very early in the morning.

on the sweet side, these shops all offer dozens of varieties of these terrifyingly shiny sugar-waffle explosions, their sad mountains of frosting languishing under the fluorescent lights.

scary shiny pastries

but hey. it’s a city of the munchies. what else would you expect? it’s no surprise that you can’t walk anywhere in the city centre without encountering masses of people  clutching their white paper cones of french fries, mouths smeared with mayonnaise and ketchup and eyes delirious with greed.  we fell victim too, although in a less satisfying styrofoam container.

root and flinner take on the french fries

you can see flinner looks a bit sheepish and root looking very apprehensive at what’s about to go in her mouth.

i found myself very intrigued by the robot machines  pictured below. but…i really hope this isn’t what food of the future looks like.


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One thought on “amsterdam, part four: the greasy underbelly of the city’s food scene

  1. You were here…oh…next time, you have to let me know and we can do some markets…I live close to Amsterdam.

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