an electrifying evening of rabbit and brandy snaps with rambling tongue

the transformed space at vulpes vulpes

welcome to rambling tongue at vulpes vulpes! last saturday, the underground restauranteurs of rambling restaurant and the poets of hammer & tongue played host to a warehouse full of adventurous diners in a spectacular artist space in hackney. there was rabbit stewed in cider. there were artichokes with homemade mayonnaise. there were brandy snaps stuffed with marscapone and cream and raspberries and crystallized violets. there was poetry and music and dancing and bottles and bottles and bottles of wine….

however….before all of this, there was a big empty room waiting to be decorated and filled with annie isn't afraid of heightstables and chairs. there was also a rickety ladder up to the rafters that wobbled just a bit too much for comfort. luckily, sailing to the rescue all the way from sunny san francisco came annie, one of my best friends in the world who also happens to be an intrepid scaler of mountaintops, rock walls, and less-than-sturdy ladders.  thanks to annie, we soon had parasols and jars of candles hung from the ceiling beams  and  thanks to a dedicated crew of people we soon had a stark empty space transformed into a banquet hall complete with candles in empty wine bottles, lace tablecloths, hand-drawn menus, and cutlery/plates/glasses and seats for 70. whew.

as usual, there was too much excitement during the first two courses to take any photos of the dishes. everyone started with homemade focaccia (increading the tally to 40+ pans of focaccia i’ve helped bake over the past month) along with the artichokes and homemade mayonnaise.  next up came the rabbit stewed with cider, cream, and bacon plus a smoky and spiced courgette filo pastry invented by michelle for the vegetarians. chef foodrambler devised a fantastic wild rice side dish, dotted with sweet apricots and crunchy pistachios and peppery arugula. the lovely candlelit dining area was abuzz with conversation and the clink of wine glasses…

diners at rambling tongue

while we’re talking about the food, i learned two interesting things about serving rabbit this weekend. first of all, it is shockingly inexpensive to have someone jaunt off to the countryside and shoot, skin, and joint rabbits for you. secondly, a suitcase full of dead rabbits is not quite the overflowing scene of adorable pets caught in horror-film style carnage one might expect. it just looks like…bags of meat.  i think it’s because he haunts my dreams.

another thing i learned this weekend, only vaguely related to rabbit: be careful when reducing rabbit gravy simultaneously on six burners of two stoves involved in a slightly dodgy electrical situation. i would recommend not picking up two metal pot lids at the same time without any sort of grounding item in place…let’s just say it was a bit of a shock. however, there’s nothing better to help you get over a really electrifying experience than to eat…

BRANDY SNAPS!!! filled with raspberries and crystallized violets and marscarpone and creme fraiche and almond slivers and bits of toffee and all manner of magical other delicacies dreamed up in the brilliant mind of miss madsen.

brandy snaps filled with cream and marscarpone with crystallized violets and raspberries

i had never heard of brandy snaps before but i’m now a huge fan of these structurally amazing buttery caramellybrandy snaps in a bower of ivy lattice cookies that can be formed into cigars and cones and stuffed with a cool creamy concoction. i’m in awe of the particular consistency created by this mixture of a splash of grand marnier and equal amounts of butter, sugar, flour, and a mysteriously named ‘golden syrup’ that sounds like a potion concocted in professor snape’s bewitching basement classroom.  so many candied items are impossible to deal with because they stick to everything. warm liquid brandy snaps seem to stick to nothing, except itself.  fascinating.  the full recipe and a much more eloquent description of brandy snaps can be found here. and to make this dessert even more exciting, these horns of plenty were wedged into bowers of ivy on huge platters…

and then…poetry and partying! dancing and DJs and debauchery in the dark. waves of wine in warehouses. another successful rambling tongue…

late night dancing at rambling tongue

for more photos and information on upcoming rambling events, visit our facebook page. hope to see you soon!

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5 thoughts on “an electrifying evening of rabbit and brandy snaps with rambling tongue

  1. kel says:

    god dang, this is brilliant. if only i were minus three kids and ten years younger id give this idea a whirl down under. brilliant. what an awesome night!

  2. […] of brandy snap rolling with Mei and Hatty. These delicate and devastatingly crushable cornets were placed into wire and ivy before being […]

  3. olivia says:

    want. brandy snaps. WANT!!

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