Great Food Articles Written By Other People

I’m in a moment of consumption rather than production.  I have some cool Rambling Restaurant posts coming once I get ahold of some photos/get my act together, but more importantly, I’ve been busy reading a lot of amazing food articles that I want to share.’s baker’s dozen of provocateurs, trendsetters, and rabblerousers in food. Butchers, brewers, Slow Food-ers, and more. These people rock.

Michelle Obama is going to cameo on Iron Chef America on Battle: White House Garden. Cristeta Comerford, the White House chef and Bobby Flay vs. Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse. I love her.

The other White House chef, Sam Kass, is also a public policy wonk helping to publicize good food and fight childhood obesity.  I love him too. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that he is kind of ridiculously attractive.

And lastly, Jonathan Safran Foer wrote a beautiful piece in the Food Issue of the New York Times Magazine, an excerpt from his book called Eating Animals. It’s  about food, family, history, memory, inconsistent vegetarianism, and ultimately, not eating animals.  In just a few pages it made me laugh and made me cry.

Go read about all these fantastic people doing amazing things.





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2 thoughts on “Great Food Articles Written By Other People

  1. maxhull says:

    I saw this post just as I finished reading the CHOW 13. All in all a fantastic group in my opinion. Haters, of course, were hating on Sam Calagione (dogfish head brewery), and Duane Sorenson (stumptown coffee) for not being in trendy new food movements, but the veritably ancient stratums of microbreweries, and artisanal coffee respectively. They clearly can’t see all the bar-raisery, and mold-breakery for which these two are responsible.

    • mei says:

      Yes, I saw those! As if butchery and fermentation were recently invented foodie trends or something. I’m excited to try saliva-based beer…:)

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