Sailing An Orange Slice On A Punch Bowl Sea and Coffee Geekery

You know you’re about to have a bit of a bizarre experience when you’re asked if you’ve recently suffered from discharging ears. I suppose all sorts of odd precautions are necessary when you’re about to float across a punch bowl full of 4,000 liters of cocktail. WOOHOO! PUNCH IN YOUR FACE.

I got to visit the amazing Architectural Punch Bowl by Bompas & Parr last week and wrote it up for Wired UK here.

I also got to interview my favorite coffee maker and World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies and coffee roaster/ex-World Barista Champion Jim Hoffman for a piece on coffee geekery as well! So much cool sh*t going on here in London.

Some more photos from the Punch Bowl after the jump…

Upon walking up to 33 Portland Place, the Central London mansion home to the Punch Bowl:

You can see Sam, one of the Punch Bowl creators, clad in a snazzy American diner/drive thru style uniform welcoming the visitors.  After checking your coat and belongings, you come to the Health & Safety room.

Cecilia, pictured below, designed many of the inventive little touches like the outfits and the remote control toy boat fake fruit garnishes.

We got hairnets, plastic aprons, and if you so chose, your very own beard snood. Abi most definitely chose to snood herself.

And the punch bowl itself? It was essentially a massive pool of spicy, fruity, insanely alcoholic punch with another uniformed ladler doling out glasses at the edge.

Here’s a thoroughly ridiculous photo of me, doing a ballet glide across the cocktail sea (and nearly getting stuck in the centre of the bowl).

And after nearly drowning in an ocean of punch? We went to the front of the mansion to drink more cocktails.

All in all, a fabulous, hilarious, random, surreal, one-of-a-kind experience.  That is, until I flood my living room with Champagne and start charging people to come swim laps. Anyone who would like to sponsor this endeavor, hit me up…

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2 thoughts on “Sailing An Orange Slice On A Punch Bowl Sea and Coffee Geekery

  1. Chris says:

    Can we PLEASE fill the living room with Champagne? I promise to do the mopping afterward.

  2. foodrambler says:

    I agree with Chris – will help him with the mopping up using a straw.

    Horrendous beard snood photo.

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