Eatin’ Outta Cups: eggplant bruschetta in toasted parmesan vessels

When we put together a 10-course menu for Tom and Elise’s housewarming party, we resolved to photograph at least one of them from start to finish:

white purple

smitten kitchen

It feels good to be on top.

We got our eggplants from Mandeville’s farm stand, our recipe from smittenkitchen, and the parmesan cup idea from a combination of Tommy, Max’s uncle, and the firm belief that you can always have more cheese.

We sliced eggplant.

We put it in a bowl.


We roasted it and put it back in the bowl with scallions, cilantro, feta, shallots, and red wine vinegar.

We baked spread-out tablespoons (or maybe 2 tbs?) of parmesan until they were golden brown.

We used mini-muffin tins and teeny cups to mold the parmesan into vessel-shape.¬†We had to work fast before the parmesan hardened! Incidentally, there must be a better way to do this. We just didn’t figure it out.

We filled the cups!

And, as a bonus, one (bad) photo of our completely home-made pork buns (pickled red onion and cucumber, slow, red-cooked pork shoulder, momofuku-recipe buns):

Just wanted to let you kids know what we’ve been up to.


2 thoughts on “Eatin’ Outta Cups: eggplant bruschetta in toasted parmesan vessels

  1. MEI says:

    ummmm…YUM. now i am hungry. such pretty pictures too! eggplant purple is nice.

  2. foodjunkie says:

    you can try pressing down on the molds with a second inverted muffin tin. they look amazing nonetheless.

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