I’m in a bit of a yogurt obsession.

I’ve never been a huge breakfast person (eggs Benedict on the weekends doesn’t count, that’s BRUNCH), nor much of a routine person and yet, every morning like clockwork for the past month or so, I’ve been waking up early and eating yogurt. Who is this new me? Usually sprinkled with blueberries and muesli, maybe granola, almonds or walnuts,  sometimes bananas, apples or strawberries, sometimes even dates, and ideally a spoonful of flaxseed.  I’ve tried Greek and probiotic, everything from whole milk to low fat to fat free, and multiple brands from Rachel’s Organic to Yeo Valley to Total, almost always plain or natural because I don’t like it too sugary. It’s delicious, healthy, and oh so easy –  no porridge pots or eggy pans to wash in the morning rush and all is good.

So yes. Yogurt. I’m into it. That’s why I was particularly excited to be invited to a breakfast event at The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell to mark the launch of The Collective Dairy and what they’re calling their gourmet probiotic yoghurts (with an ‘h’).  A chance to eat more yogurt? At a restaurant that I’ve always cycled past and thought, ‘I bet I’d like that place’?  Yes please, and thank you very much.

And so I went and so I was delighted, not only by the creaminess of the yogurt…

but also by the gorgeousness of The Modern Pantry…

and the sheer volume of food they stuffed us with, including yogurt smoothies…

as well as my personal Brunch Kryptonite of eggs Benedict with a superb tea smoked salmon…

but especially by the friendliness of all the people there and what seemed to be Mike and Amelia of the Collective Dairy’s genuine passion for things that taste really really good.

They both used to work for Gu and they’re clearly very good with their business sense and their branding and their PR, but none of that would matter at all if the yogurt was terrible. And in fact, despite my general propensity towards natural flavors, I loved the subtle tartness of the Luscious Lemon, the vague sweet pucker and the crunchy little seeds in the Passionfruit, and the just-a-touch-of-indulgence Russian Fudge – a bit like if someone melted pieces of Scottish tablet into your yogurt. At first try, I thought the Apple & Spice was too sweet  – a bit like cream with apple pie filling stirred in and too syrupy  for my taste.

But then I took some home and crumbled a Modern Pantry brownie into it….and it was a fabulous dessert that’s just maybe one tiny little iota better for you than a typical brownie sundae.  Okay, so any health claims are up for debate – a Harvard study did say recently that people who eat yogurt tend to lose more weight, but let’s be clear here, a brownie-topped anything is never going to melt off the pounds.  It’s still a bit sweet for breakfast, so I’ll probably stick with my natural taste or maybe the passionfruit in the early morning hours. But as a snack or a dessert or every so often when I’m craving something a bit more indulgent? The apple & spice yogurt and brownie sundae tasted damn good and I had to fight off both a boyfriend and a visiting friend for the last bites.

Obviously, I won. I am adept at defending my turf with a well-placed cutlery jab. So stay away from my yogurt…got it? I’ve got a dessert spoon, and I’m not afraid to use it.

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  1. you’ve made us blush with pride… no bull!

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