Grow your own veggies!

Er – maybe not like this. They are pretty, though! Maybe you want to:

1. Grow your own sprouts(Sprouted chickpeas are great for hummus)

2. Grow random crap from your pantry and fridge! (Special shout-out to potato sprouter extraordinaire Judith Ternes – you inspire us)

3. Check out Carolyn Cope‘s advice for edible windowbox gardens!

4. Find out who among your friends and family are undercover garden wizards! They’re everywhere, and they’ll definitely give you advice, probably bring you their extras, and maybe even deliver you some transplants.

Don’t forget to have fun and not worry too much! This spring, I tried to let go of my desire to read and read and read about gardening, and just gardened. It’s been great. Maybe (read: probably) I’ve made some serious technical errors, but I’m too ignorant to know the difference! And as long as I’m not perpetuating pests, I figure my amateurish behavior is acceptable. And the herbs are hard to kill. And it feels good to eat food you’ve grown. And it feels almost as good if not better to not pay $3 for a pathetically small bunch of “fresh” herbs.

Max and I threw a bunch of stuff in the ground this spring. Click on for some photos of our -likely-unimpressive-to-you-but-totally-life-changing-for-me garden! I’m practicing for my hopefully long career as a slightly senile but very proud grandmother who has impressively but inconveniently learned to use snapfish.

We started out with some super cute herbs from various farmer’s market stands (background), some tiny squash and melons, and some rhubarb. Special thanks to previous tenants for the tulips, mint, and marjoram! I think this photo is from May-ish.

Here’s a (slightly) better look at our herbs: three types of sage, rosemary, marjoram, basil, thyme, mint, oregano, chives, purslane (technically a weed, but apparently edible!), cilantro.

We were out of town for two weeks and our cilantro bolted! We could hardly believe it.

The rest of our herbs didn’t do so poorly either. The weeds, as you can see, are also well. We also added a jalapeno pepper plant and a serrano pepper plant. And our toes!

Here’s a closeup of our little squash:

They grow up so fast! From total cutie-babies to beautiful adults! But they’re overwhelming us. Maybe they’re more like teenagers.

We’ve also put in eggplant and tomatoes. Angela has graciously allowed us to plant our watermelon and extra pepper and eggplant seedlings in her garden. We can’t wait for harvest to continue! We’re so sick of lettuce!

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One thought on “Grow your own veggies!

  1. mei says:

    I was just thinking we should turn the sandbox area of the backyard into a garden! wooo PROJECT!!!

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