Goodbye London!

After two and a half amazing years in London, it’s time to move on. Although I’m sad to be leaving the amazing bounteous international feasting of this fantastic city, I’m incredibly excited to head back to Boston to spend some quality time with my family and start some food adventures! We’ve got big foodie things planned, so stay tuned.

Until then, I’m spending my final few weeks in London eating everything I’ve always wanted to eat and haven’t or what I know I’ll miss when I leave.

An obvious first move on the bucket list: fish&chips! Specifically from George’s on Portobello – Jamie Oliver’s favourite. Wrapped up in a cone of newspaper and sprinkled with salt and vinegar, it’s a beautiful flower bouquet of battered deliciousness.


I’ll miss the delights of the chippie for sure….


2 thoughts on “Goodbye London!

  1. LinziMG says:

    When are you off? I’m back at start October. Ships in the night!

  2. mom says:

    We are deelighted to have you home.
    Mom and Dad

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