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Man cannot live on bread alone. Cake and bread, however…

Hey guys, remember the summer? Remember that one time where we all went over to Daniel’s house to make food for his birthday?  Man, that was like…four months and one day ago. What’s that?  You aren’t sure that happened?  You don’t think you were invited, or maybe your invitation was lost in the mail a la the sarcastic qualification under the “parties” section of the Gossip Girl website on the intro to the hit teen drama “Gossip Girl”?

Well fear not, for I have pictures and intend to pair them with descriptions of the evening so, cruel social exclusion notwithstanding, you can tell all of your friends that you attended.  You can watch as their eyes, usually half covered by australopithecine lids, focused on nothing in particular as though staring at a television displaying a (marginally) lower primate wearing a party hat, and arrhythmically clashing cymbals together, begin to fill with tears of envy.

You’re welcome.

Moving backwards through the evening we begin with this espresso-chocolate flourless torte.

Chocolate Espresso Torte

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There are no old, bold mushroom eaters

“Hey, buddy.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty cool.”

“Mushrooms? what kind?”

“…Wait, What?”

“You ate a mushroom…but you don’t know what kind.”

“What do you mean it’s more like a fungus?”

“It was orange?!”

“OK, so let me get this straight.  You saw an unidentified fungus growing out of a rotting tree trunk, saw it was bright orange, and thought: hey let me put this in my mouth.”

“OK OK OK. Let me share something with you.  This is something everyone should know. An adage if you will. There are old mushroom eaters, and there are bold mushroom eaters, but there are no old, bold mushroom eaters…you idiot.”

“Chickeny? With a peppery finish? You are going to have a peppery finish, but that does sound kind of good. Well, if you’re still alive this evening let’s make a big fucking mushroom dinner.”

mushrooms outside

A few hours after that phone call, we learned that the mushrooms/fungus were in fact “chicken of the woods” and that our friend Amin had not come to a peppery finish. We decided to celebrate by cooking a delightful mushroom dinner.

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