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vote for greg, the renaissance man with a thing for fishies.

my friend greg worswick is applying for the best job in the world! as the caretaker of the great barrier reef islands. watch his hilarious and amazing video and laugh your ass off. watch again and pick up even more entertaining nuances, like his facial expression when softly stroking a glass tank full of fish and the word CANADA. watch a third time and marvel at his creativity, ingenuity, acting skills, and LUXEMBOURG.  and don’t forget to vote!


food politics and science, culinary movements in brooklyn, and hot men in beards.

i am seriously excited to be going to a discussion on food writing tonight at everyone’s favorite writing workshop/pirate store, 826 valencia. i consider myself lucky to live around the block from this truly unique nonprofit that organizes tutoring, publishing, field trips, and other writing-related educational activities for kids,  and also raises money and tickles your imagination by selling eye patches, lard, swabbing mops, and all sorts of pirate’s bootyliciousness.  tonight’s talk focuses on food politics and science, and features a heavyweight panel of speakers including food world superstar michael pollan. i’m a huge fan of  the omnivore’s dilemma and the botany of desire and find that my values of food and eating are pretty closely aligned with his eater’s manifesto, so i’m super excited to see him in person. the evening will explore these food themes but also cover topics on writing, publishing, and running a successful blog. i actually bought tickets to the event before starting this blog, just because i love the topic, but after tonight prepare for familystyles to be EVEN MORE AWESOME. ha.

speaking of michael pollan references, if you’re looking for some interesting food reading, there’s an awesome article in today’s nytimes on brooklyn’s new culinary movement. it talks about our  ‘culinarily minded generation’ and how all these young people are making thoughtful, honest, straightforward, traditional, anticorporate foods like handmade pickles, cheeses, chocolate, ales, coffees, and knives (okay, that’s not a food, but they are also thoughtfully handmade in brooklyn). in the words of one attractive bearded chocolate making man (what is up with the hot guys and chocolate connection?), it’s “Slow growth, slow design, slow food. Slow, but without being flaky.” yeah, i read pollan and make my own ricotta, but these guys are seriously dedicated. can’t wait to see for myself as i eat my way through brooklyn in a few weeks…

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speaking of cheese wheels… (huh?!)

Mei’s photo of those beautiful wheels of cheese reminds me of something I saw in passing the other day: an episode of the Amazing Race, taking place in Switzerland, with a task that involves carrying super heavy cheese wheels down a really steep hill.

In other words, cheese+steepness+Switzerland+little wooden carrying devices= yes.

Also, there is an amazing Asian-American brother-sister lawyer duo. Yes, they both went to Harvard Law. Yes, they are both gorgeous. Yes, they are Asian American. Yes, they kick the ass off this challenge. Yes, they are super sweet, and even fight rather nicely, as far as we can tell. Yes, Mei and I are the next reality tv show ass-kicking Asian sibling team. Glad you asked.

The goods:

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100 Chinese Foods To Try Before You Die – the childhood food memories abound…

i just went through the top 100 SF foods again with my roommate last night to narrow down what we’re aiming to hit up before i bounce for the east coast.  while i’m on the list tip, bear with me as i indulge my desire to see how well i’m doing on 100 Chinese Foods To Try Before You Die from a beautiful and serious food-porntastic website called appetite for china. the author is a freelance writer and cooking instructor with french culinary training who learned about food in her parent’s chinese restaurants and now travels, writes, and teaches around world.  i’m inspired, admiring, and envious. it’s a gorgeous site and full of good recipes that i plan to try asap. i’ve included a few of her accompanying photos.  is it weird that i want to jump into this bowl of congee (what i grew up calling shi fan or jook) and float on top in a rice-flavored steam bath?


she says that the list is a pretty broad definition of chinese food and a mostly modern take, which makes sense for me as a second and third generation chinese-american who grew up eating chinese food, american food, and american chinese food. posts with links take you back to recipes on her site or wikipedia definitions, so i’ve bolded the ones i’ve tried and added a few comments.

  1. Almond milk
  2. Ants Climbing a Tree (poetic, not literal, name) – apparently a dish of minced beef and bean noodles, named ‘because the tiny morsels of meat cling to the strands of noodles as you dangle them from your chopsticks’. reminds me of how i ate ants on a log in nursery school by picking off the raisins, licking the peanut butter off the celery stick, and then refusing to eat the celery. always could pick out the best part…
  3. Asian pear – that seems unfairly easy.
  4. Baby bok choy – one of my favorite vegetables to cook
  5. Baijiu – an everpresent alcoholic offering in china.
  6. Beef brisket – my mom makes this and it’s DOPE.
  7. Beggar’s Chicken
  8. Bingtang hulu
  9. Bitter melon
  10. Bubble tea
  11. Buddha’s Delight
  12. Cantonese roast duck – mmm…my whole family loves roast duck.
  13. Century egg, or thousand-year egg – in my opinion, it is a texturally bizarre and marginally gag-reflex-inducing experience to unexpectedly encounter one of these in your porridge. definitely a classic jook ingredient though.
  14. Cha siu (Cantonese roast pork) – one of the most delicious salty-sweet-meat combos in a bun. i remember eating these in NYC chinatown with my grandmother.
  15. Char kway teow didn’t recognize the name, but have definitely had this dish before by the pictures on wikipedia
  16. Chicken feet – i’ll be honest, i always avoided these as a kid. i recently got into a discussion about how good they are though, and saw them at duc loi, so looks like a chicken feet night is in order…
  17. Chinese sausage – in my opinion, these have an interesting but somehow offputting sweet quality which unfortunately lowers them drastically on my pork product scale of tastiness
  18. Chow mein
  19. Chrysanthemum tea
  20. Claypot rice
  21. Congee – also known as shi fan, jook, porridge and probably a bunch of other names. eating jook always reminds me of family holidays like thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house in albany. once the meal is done and the meat has been picked off the carcass, the turkey skeleton gets tossed into a pot of rice and 5-10 times as much water. the next morning we’d wake up to steaming thick savory rice porridge with bits of meat and scallions. such a perfect winter family meal, and it takes practically no work.
  22. Conpoy (dried scallops)
  23. Crab rangoon – so classic americanized greasy hole in the wall late night chinese food steez.
  24. Dan Dan noodles
  25. Dragonfruit
  26. Dragon’s Beard candy – just had this recently! tastes like if you ate your grandma’s sweater and it turned out to be subtly sweet and vaguely delicious.
  27. Dried cuttlefish
  28. Drunken chicken
  29. Dry-fried green beans
  30. Egg drop soup
  31. Egg rolls
  32. Egg tart, Cantonese or Macanese – my cousin paul always says that while asian food is absolutely amazing, the continent is a bit behind when it comes to desserts. as a kid, i always thought that these egg tarts were kind of a poor dessert substitute, but had them recently in nyc and, i’ll be honest, i ate five in one sitting.
  33. Fresh bamboo shoots
  34. Fortune cookies – these have a fascinating history and may not even be chinese in origin, but possibly japanese or american.
  35. Fried milk
  36. Fried rice
  37. Gai lan (Chinese broccoli)
  38. General Tso’s Chicken
  39. Gobi Manchurian
  40. Goji berries (Chinese wolfberries)
  41. Grass jelly
  42. Hainan chicken rice
  43. Hand-pulled noodles
  44. Har gau (steamed shrimp dumplings in translucent wrappers)
  45. Haw flakes – this was one of my absolute favorite candies as a kid. they come in wafer-thin disks, stacked and packaged in pretty paper. such a nostalgic candy memory…
  46. Hibiscus tea
  47. Hong Kong-style Milk Tea
  48. Hot and sour soup
  49. Hot Coca-Cola with Ginger
  50. Hot Pot
  51. Iron Goddess tea (Tieguanyin)
  52. Jellyfish – i have a very strong memory of eating this and duck tongues in an LA-area chinese banquet restaurant with my uncle michael’s family.  i think if you could eat sesame-flavored cold translucent gelatinous plastic, it would taste like jellyfish.
  53. Kosher Chinese food – this is such a classic Brookline feature (my hometown) that i’m surprised i’ve never tried it.
  54. Kung Pao Chicken
  55. Lamb skewers (yangrou chua’r)
  56. Lion’s Head meatballs
  57. Lomo Saltado -interesting, this is something i associate with south america cause that’s where i’ve eaten it. turns out it is chinese-peruvian fusion.
  58. Longan fruit
  59. Lychee – so fun to peel!
  60. Macaroni in soup with Spam – although i’ve never had this exact dish, spam reminds me of visiting my uncle victor’s family in hawaii for the first time when i was six.
  61. Malatang
  62. Mantou, especially if fried and dipped in sweetened condensed milk – i will forever associate mantou with a skit from a chinese camp i went to in minnesota at age 14. someone sang ‘mantou man’ to the tune of the village people’s macho man and i will never lose that association with the word mantou.  (btw, please click that link if you want a thoroughly enjoyable muscle-pumping dude in a tank top 70’s music video).
  63. Mapo Tofu
  64. Mock meat
  65. Mooncake (bonus points for the snow-skin variety)
  66. Nor mai gai (chicken and sticky rice in lotus leaf) – LOOOOOOVE THIS DISH.
  67. Pan-fried jiaozi  – i heart everything dumpling.
  68. Peking duck – this is one of my favorite dishes ever, and i think my favorite memory of eating it is going to peking duck house restaurant in nyc chinatown with my grandmother. so fatty, so succulent, so juicy yet crispy, so perfect.
  69. Pineapple bun
  70. Prawn crackers – these pastel colored styrofoam-y chips were one of my favorite things at chinese banquets as a kid. we used to call them shrimp chips. in thinking about them now, it’s clearly a bizarre idea to serve multicolored chips that taste like shrimp with your roast chicken, but i was obsessed with them…
  71. Pu’er tea
  72. Rambutan
  73. Red bean in dessert form – red bean ice cream is the shit. not as much a fan of the soup. chinatown ice cream factory in nyc chinatown serves a killer version…
  74. Red bayberry
  75. Red cooked porkhey irene, would you hit that? i’d hit it
  76. Roast pigeon – sounds better when you call it squab. first ate this with my grandmother li, also in nyc chinatown. i remember thinking how small they are, barely bigger than your fist. you dip them in a tiny plate of flavored salt. don’t think of street pigeons when you eat, it’ll just ruin the taste…
  77. Rose tea
  78. Roujiamo – her accompanying photo of this makes me want to make this RIGHT NOW and put it in my mouth.
  79. Scallion pancake – i have wonderful memories of making this on my kitchen table at home as a kid. you roll out a long snake  of scallion-studded dough, then curl it into a spiral, then FLATTEN. fry in oil, savor, stuff yourself silly.
  80. Shaved ice dessert
  81. Sesame chicken
  82. Sichuan pepper in any dish
  83. Sichuan preserved vegetable (zhacai)
  84. Silken tofu
  85. Soy milk, freshly made
  86. Steamed egg custard
  87. Stinky tofu
  88. Sugar cane juice
  89. Sweet and sour pork, chicken, or shrimp
  90. Taro
  91. Tea eggs
  92. Tea-smoked duck
  93. Turnip cake (law bok gau) – my dad and aunt tina love this stuff. i’ve just come around to it recently. i don’t know why i didn’t like it, because almost everything pan-fried is delicious, but i think it was because i always expected it to taste like potato and then would have the unexpected stronger flavor of turnip. but now i’m way into this, and it’s super tasty from super 88 in boston.
  94. Twice-cooked pork
  95. Water chestnut cake (mati gau)
  96. Wonton noodle soup
  97. Wood ear
  98. Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) – i realize i’m quick to throw out the word ‘favorite’ when discussing many food items, but i can’t keep from getting excited when it comes to dumplings. and choosing between fried dumplings and soup dumplings is like choosing between breathing and sleeping. or kittens and puppies. or twilight and harry potter. or battling an ever-regenerating mustache and always reeking horrifically of B.O. so much love for all these things that the bestowal of multi-favoritism must be understood and accepted.
  99. Yuanyang (half coffee, half tea, Hong Kong style)
  100. Yunnan goat cheese


thanks diana! i hope it’s cool that i’ve so shamelessly poached from your blog post, it’s done with an immense amount of respect and admiration. i think i’m at 75/100 (clearly i’m not very good at counting in high double digits). most of the ones i haven’t tried are dishes i haven’t seen before, with a few exceptions for items i thought were gross when i was younger. now i’ll put anything in my mouth at least once (zing!). kidding kidding, i’m trying to keep this PG because i’m going to send this out to my entire family and this is already making me feel reeeally awkward. i really enjoyed all the family food memories that came up as i went through the list and want to share them with my relatives. this is part of why irene and i started this blog and why i named it family styles – food and eating carry such strong shared memories and cultural values and family bonds and passionate enjoyment and eating family-style embodies so many of those principles. my strongest memories of many of my relatives involve taking over huge  chinese restaurants (i have a LOT of cousins, and they’re all awesome) with their big round tables and spinning lazy susans and tackling an immense number of dishes, always family style.

irene and andy and mom and lexi and auntie julia and caroline and auntie virginia and all my other wonderful fam, i’m going to send this to you and hope that you’ll go through the list and see what food memories get dredged up. my apologies for all the cursing if you venture elsewhere on the site:) so much family styles love to all of you…

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more stop-motion and fresh pasta!

i’ve mentioned my awe of stop-motion videos before in reference to a beautiful cupcake video by kirsten lepore. turns out i have a friend who makes stop-motion movies! that’s like finding out a friend can recite the first thousand digits of pi or teleport or something equally impressive. here is emma‘s wonderful movie. looks like pretty shells love fresh pasta as much as i do.


missionmission is triple awesome and shares the love.

one of my favorite local blogs, missionmission, has posted some of my photos, like the triply awesome photo car. thanks allan! it’s bringing people to this blog, which is a bit trippy but also exciting, considering that my sister (irene aka bean aka green bean) and i started it to keep in touch with each other and didn’t really tell anyone else about it. but she’s fallen off the planet into college-is-hard-and-all-i-can-think-about-besides-studying-is-getting-pet-rats-named-rascal-and-bunny land anyway, so i’m holding down the fort with food rantings and photos i’ve snapped while scooting about town.

now that i’ve gotten going, i’m enjoying the creative outlet and the chance to share all the amazing food and non-related food things about the mission, SF, and random shit on the interweb that i find or that my wonderful friends send me. i’m working on making this blog more readable and user-friendly if people are actually going to be reading it, so thanks for checking it out!


we like him…I LOVE HIM.

i’ve just seen something that makes me so happy i can’t even stand it. watch this video, and allow your jaw to drop in awe and appreciation.  i can’t get the embedded vimeo to work, so you’ll have to trust me and just click the link below for now.

BOOMBOX by ely kim.

i was entranced within the first second when the dude does this sexy hip swivel and then all ridiculousness busts loose. all my favorite songs, all my favorite moves, all kinds of amazing outfits, all kinds of TRIPLE AWESOME. special shoutouts to the bootyliciousness of song 21 and the so-awesome-it-slays-me t-shirt of song 15 and the where-in-the-fucking-world-is-he? of song 80.

inspired to track down this fabulous dance genius named ely kim, i found his website, we like him. get it? it is so rainbow- and kitten-tastic that it makes we want to cry fat sparkly diamond and spaceship tears. the front page is like: BLAOW!!! Welcome To My Awesome.


i’m going to visit my lovely friend olivia at yale in a few weeks who just recently saw this bootymaster at a party! i am hoping to do some ass shaking with the real live ely in a kitten shirt. then my life will be complete.


The Big Eat SF: 100 Things To Try Before Moving To London

for most people, it’s 100 Things To Try Before You Die. sadly, i don’t have that much time. as of today, i have just about four weeks until departing for the east coast and then london, so it’s time to start working on some stomach stretches to fit all 100 meals in. apparently small asian women are really good at competitive eating (and also good at naming themselves the black widow when they’re awesome at something usually done well by fat white dudes, like the black widow of competitive eating and the black widow of billiards). anyway. going through the list now to see what i’ve already done and to get a sense of how much eating i’ve got in front of me.  items in bold are those i’ve eaten.


1. Roast chicken and bread salad at Zuni – been here for drinks, but need to return for the chicken
2. Coffee-rubbed pork shoulder at Range – had one of my best SF meals here, but didn’t try this dish.
3. Carnitas taco at La Taqueria – yup. favorite tacos in the city.
4. Spicy crab and grits at the Front Porch – tasty, but not unforgettably holy-fuck amazing.
5. Chasu ramen at Katana-Ya – excited for this…ramen is one of my favorite foods in the world.
6. Burger with fries at Slow Club – been here, but haven’t tried the burger
7. Shaking beef at the Slanted Door
8. Morning bun at Tartine Bakery – fuck yeah. these are like crack.
9. Tofu soup with kimchi at My Tofu House
10. Baja-style fi sh tacos at Nick’s Crispy Tacos
11. Pork sugo with pappardelle at Delfina – mmmmmmmmmmm.
12. Salt-and-pepper squid at Yuet Lee
13. Soup dumplings at Shanghai House
14. Beef brisket at Memphis Minnie’s – i see why this made it to the list because there aren’t that many good BBQ spots in SF, but the BBQ i had in kansas city beats it by a mile.
15. Oysters on the half shell at Swan Oyster Depot
16. Katsu curry from Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill
17. Tea-leaf salad at Burma Superstar – this dish is so unique it’s worth the crazy wait. sure it’s mad hyped, but when’s the last time you ate at a really good burmese restaurant?
18. Salumi misti plate at Perbacco
19. Tuna tartare at Michael Mina
20. Chicken pot pie at Liberty Café – i think this place closed…:(
21. Pizza margherita at Pizzeria Delfina – all their pizza are fucking ridiculous.
22. Vietnamese roasted pork sandwich at Saigon Sandwich
23. Beer sausage with sauerkraut and grilled onions at Rosamunde Sausage Grill
24. Blue Bell Bitter from the cask at Magnolia Pub
25. Loaf of bread straight out of the oven atTartine (bonus: sliced while still warm and slathered with Brillat- Savarin cheese from Bi-Rite, down the block) -i have i mentioned that this bread is good? good does not even begin to describe the ecstatically perfect texture of this bread, from the soft, chewy, moist perfectly salted interior to the crusty, hard, shell. i hope my heaven serves tartine bread.
26. A classic gin martini at Bourbon & Branch
27. Papaya salad with salty crab at Sai Jai Thai
28. A Gibraltar at Blue Bottle Café
29. Spaetzle at Suppenküche
30. Laughing Buddha cocktail at Cantina
31. Pan con chocolate with sea salt and olive oil at Laïola
32. Pupusas at Balompie Café #3 – yeeeaaaaah i love pupusas. making your own is fun too.
33. Prime rib at House of Prime Rib – on the whole, i’m anti places that begin with ‘house of’, but some of the best steak i had in buenos aires was served at a place called ‘king of french fries’, so it’s not really fair to judge.
34. Yellowtail collar at Oyaji
35. Salted-caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery – it’s awesome and yet not really surprising how many of these top 100 items are within a block of my apartment.
36. Dry-fried chicken wings at San Tung
37. Rotisserie chicken at Limón Rotisserie – just had this tonight, thanks to my friend kwame! totally delicious, fall-off-the-bone juicy, and jus you wanted to lick off the plate. came with these awesome arancini-like deep fried rice balls with an amazing cilantro aioli type sauce.
38. French fries at Hayes Street Grill
39. Pierna Enchilada torta at La Torta Gorda
40. Cheeseburger at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
41. Pho ga at Turtle Tower
42. Fried-shrimp po’boy at Brenda’s French Soul Food
43. Mint julep at Alembic
44. Cannelé at Boulangerie Bay Bread
45. Galapagos cocktail at Absinthe
46. Chips and salsa at Papalote – the chips here are solidly meh, but the salsa i could drink by the bucketful.
47. Ceviche at La Mar Cebichería Peruana
48. Angels on horseback at Anchor & Hope
49. Ginger snaps at Miette
50. Giant pretzel with mustard at The Monk’s Kettle
51. Maccaronara with ricotta salata at A16
52. Fried brussels sprouts at SPQR
53. Garlic soup at Piperade
54. Spiced-chocolate doughnut at Dynamo Donut with a Four Barrel coffee
55. Milk-roasted pork at L’Osteria del Forno
56. Caponatina with burrata at Beretta – this dish is amazing, although pretty much anything topped with extra creamy fresh mozzarella is going to be amazing.
57. Goat stew at Kokkari Estiatorio
58. Absinthe daiquiri at Jardinière
59. Huarache with cactus salad at El Huarache Loco
60. The Brass Monkey at Little Star Pizza
61. Crab soufflé at Café Jacqueline
62. Shrimp-and-chive dumplings at Ton Kiang – this is my favorite dim sum item
63. Meatballs with grapes at Aziza
64. Paper masala dosa at Dosa
65. Crispy eggplant at Jai Yun
66. Pig parts at Incanto
67. Sand dabs at Tadich Grill
68. Irish coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe
69. Licorice parfait at South
70. Omakase menu at Sebo
71. A Fernet at R Bar
72. Arancini at Ducca
73. Popovers with strawberry butter at the Rotunda – mmm this sounds awesome
74. Corned-beef sandwich with Gruyère at the Sentinel
75. Fried green beans at Coco500
76. Chicken hash at Ella’s
77. Eggs benedict on the back patio at Zazie – ate these inside the restaurant, but counting it anyway.
78. Chilaquiles with a fried egg at Pastores
79. Onion strings at Alfred’s Steakhouse
80. Apple fritter at Bob’s Donuts
81. Chicken curry at Punjab Kabab House
82. Fried chickpeas at Piqueo’s
83. Sweet-potato fries with banana catsup at Poleng Lounge
84. A margarita at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant
85. Pulled-pork sandwich at Roadside BBQ
86. A cheese slice at Arinell Pizza – this is the only place that approaches the ultimate pizza of my childhood, pino’s pizza in cleveland circle.
87. Fresh spring rolls at Out the Door
88. Buckwheat crepe and a French cider at TiCouz – we’ll give this one a .5 for not having had accompanying cider.
89. Lamb schawerma at Truly Mediterranean – a delicious mediterannean burrito
90. Slow-cooked egg at Coi
91. Albondigas soup at Mijita
92. Bacon-wrapped hot dog from a cart in the Mission (preferably when you’re drunk) – oh man…walked by this so many times, and even though i’ll eat the greasiest bacon-wrapped anything, i still can’t bring myself to ingest this mouthful of lard. someday…
93. Seven courses of beef at Pagolac
94. Mango with chile, lemon and salt at Doña Tere’s cart – not sure who or where this is, but i’ve bought plenty of street mangos. i always debate going with the chile and salt, but the fresh ones are so delicious just straight up…
95. 3 a.m. bowl of caldo verde soup at Grubstake
96. Baby-coconut ice cream from Mitchell’s
97. Sesame balls at Yank Sing – ok, shrimp and chive are my favorite savory dim sum item…
98. Basil gimlet at Rye
99. Clam chowder at Hog Island Oyster Co.
100. Cheese course at Gary Danko

i’m at 22/100. a few of these places may be out of reach until i meet that super hot sugar daddy who wants to whip out his black amex at gary danko for me, but a bunch have always been on my list to try. an impending departure date just gives me a kick in the ass to get it done.

some more i’d add…

al pastor burrito at taqeria cancun (tastest best drunk at 1am with a corona in hand listening to a crazy band with a plastic pickle tub)

ham and cheese croissant from tartine. yes, i realize tartine is all over that list (probably the only establishment with two items) but seriously, if this ham and cheese croissant were a man, i would pledge my love until death did us part.

the king trumpet, triple fried potato, charred scallion homemade flatbread at mission street food

secret breakfast ice cream at humphrey slocombe

new orleans iced coffee at the blue bottle stand at the ferry building

dark chocolate caramelized graham crackers by kika’s treats from la cocina

the kickass grilled cheese sandwich from hog island oyster co. at the ferry building

baked mussels at sushi zone

maguro salad at deep sushi – whatever crack they put in their dressing is the most unctuous, buttery, savory flavoring i’ve ever had.

cap’n mike and sally’s salmon sandwiches at the ferry building, particularly the albacore tuna with roasted golden beets, toasted walnuts, and pickled onions, served on acme sourdough with sally’s homemade cream cheese. (wanna know why i know that so well? come to the ferry building some saturday in march and say hi…)

heirloom tomato martini at absinthe. only available seasonally, and the best cocktail i’ve ever had.

god, i’m going to miss eating in sf. however, the nice thing about not being dead is that you can always come back and eat more.


Snuggie™ Love.

irene, you’re going to die.  remember all the Snuggie™ infomercials from our holiday law and order marathons? i know you do, miss ‘i got me a shamwow!’ li. how much do i want that blanket with sleeves that makes you look like you went to Hogwarts? so much Snuggieness going on in my life right now.

First off, this video:

The video is fucking hilarious, except that the guy is so totally wrong. Instead of crippling your social life and giving you super herpes, the WTF blanket is actually fueling the San Francisco social scene.  Can’t comment on the super herpes yet though.

So I ran a Go Game last week for the hype kids over at Yelp, and they blew us away with the costumes. German beer wenches, human lightning rods, those crazies from The Office, Mardi Gras Ninja Turtles, flashers in trench coats, Yelptrix, SF Hoodz in SF neighborhood gear, and my personal oh-so-close-to-ultimate-favorite, the entire cast from Super Mario. Check out the awesome Yoshi head. Points for arts and craftyiness and just being super cute.


Except my ultimate favorite was the team called Ruggies Snuggies, an entire team decked out in…you guessed it…WTF blankets.


I saw them right before starting the introduction, and spontaneously offered to throw the game if someone made sure I ended up with my very own snuggie before the game ended. Sadly, it didn’t happen (which I understand since I feel one might get attached to their WTF blanket after a day of Go Game wear) and I left bereft of Snuggiliciousness.  Turns out, after the ‘ stunning public embrace of the warm and cuddly Snuggie™’  (from during the Go Game!), there’s going to be the first annual Snuggie™ Pub Crawl in San Francisco on March 20th. Yelp + Go Game = MAGICAL WONDERLAND OF WTF BLANKETS. Can’t wait to get my very own…

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