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honey, we’ve been meaning to tell you…

so my roommate annie’s birthday isn’t for almost a month, but we’re already discussing cake options.  for some reason, maybe because the other two people in the apartment have both read all four twilight books in the past two weeks  (and maybe one additional leaked sequel online, but no one’s admitting to that), the idea of a red velvet vampire cake was suggested.

hoping to find some pictures of a super hot, barely post-adolescent edward cullen jumping out of a cake, the ever resourceful jess did some googling, and ended up with this gem:


i knew there was a good reason we just got a cat! our seriously socially awkward cat named LD (for larry david) would be PERFECT for this. having already baked a birthday cat cake, i’m excited to take this one on. trust me, gina, he’ll love it. here, kitty kitty…

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Caboose, the rascally rat.

Hey all! It’s Irene, the other sister. Part of my explanation for my MIA-ness is that I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to this little guy (be arned, this is a pretty awesomely awkward shot of my boyfriend’s chest):


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Snuggie™ Love.

irene, you’re going to die.  remember all the Snuggie™ infomercials from our holiday law and order marathons? i know you do, miss ‘i got me a shamwow!’ li. how much do i want that blanket with sleeves that makes you look like you went to Hogwarts? so much Snuggieness going on in my life right now.

First off, this video:

The video is fucking hilarious, except that the guy is so totally wrong. Instead of crippling your social life and giving you super herpes, the WTF blanket is actually fueling the San Francisco social scene.  Can’t comment on the super herpes yet though.

So I ran a Go Game last week for the hype kids over at Yelp, and they blew us away with the costumes. German beer wenches, human lightning rods, those crazies from The Office, Mardi Gras Ninja Turtles, flashers in trench coats, Yelptrix, SF Hoodz in SF neighborhood gear, and my personal oh-so-close-to-ultimate-favorite, the entire cast from Super Mario. Check out the awesome Yoshi head. Points for arts and craftyiness and just being super cute.


Except my ultimate favorite was the team called Ruggies Snuggies, an entire team decked out in…you guessed it…WTF blankets.


I saw them right before starting the introduction, and spontaneously offered to throw the game if someone made sure I ended up with my very own snuggie before the game ended. Sadly, it didn’t happen (which I understand since I feel one might get attached to their WTF blanket after a day of Go Game wear) and I left bereft of Snuggiliciousness.  Turns out, after the ‘ stunning public embrace of the warm and cuddly Snuggie™’  (from during the Go Game!), there’s going to be the first annual Snuggie™ Pub Crawl in San Francisco on March 20th. Yelp + Go Game = MAGICAL WONDERLAND OF WTF BLANKETS. Can’t wait to get my very own…

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